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By The Staff

COMMERCE CITY – City officials say the Clear View Motel was closed Nov. 24 after an investigation by a multi-agency task force found multiple law and safety violations.

The motel, 7750 state Highway 2, was determined “unfit for human habitation” by officials involved in the investigation. The investigation team included officials from Commerce City, the Tri-County Health Department and South Adams County Fire Marshal’s office, among others.

According to Brian Mc-Broom, the city’s director of community development, the task force investigated the hotel following complaints about the safety of the hotel and health concerns for tenants.

“There was a lot of work and effort put into our investigation,” McBroom said. “Our goal from the start was to ensure the health, safety and well being of the tenants. I believe we accomplished that goal.”

Investigators found that many of the rooms had no heat or running water and were infested by bedbugs and cockroaches. Gas and carbon monoxide leaks were detected by building inspectors in several rooms and Xcel Energy ordered all gas appliances turned off and all lines and appliances inspected.

The task force executed the search warrant Nov. 24 The city made arrangements in advance with support agencies to help motel residents find alternative housing and support services. All residents were directed to the on-site support center for assistance, and everyone who sought help received it.

Several residents were initially shocked with the announcement of the motel closure. But many residents thanked social workers and task force personnel after realizing the severity of their living conditions, McBroom said.

Social workers from Adams County Social Services, along with representatives from Access Housing, Family Tree and Adams County Food Bank helped nearly 20 people, offering support that ranged from bus passes and grocery store gift cards, to housing assistance and counseling. Resource information was also left on the doors of residents who were not home.

“I want to thank our city staff and all the supporting agencies that were involved in the investigation,” City Manager Jerry Flannery said. “It is clear that the success of the operation hinged on the effective execution of all agencies involved.”

During the inspection, one person was arrested on an outstanding warrant. The person’s dog – a pit bull – was impounded.

The investigation into the Clear View Motel began Nov. 15 when police contacted the city’s building safety division about possible violations. On Nov. 18, Tri-County Health inspected two rooms and found them infested with bed bugs, cockroaches and flies. Tri-County officials thought it was likely that the remaining units were infested as well.

Preliminary findings of conditions at the Clear View Motel led the city to assemble a task force to further investigate living conditions.

Reports showed one room has been without heat since the tenant moved in 15 months ago and the tenant had been using a gas stove to heat the room, a violation of the city’s property maintenance code. Using a stove for heat is a fire hazard and is dangerous due to carbon monoxide exposure.