‘It’s a kick in the pants every time’

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Crossfit gym offering more of a community feel for workouts

By Crystal Nelson

BRIGHTON — A new business in Brighton is giving residents a chance to experience what Crossfit is all about. Crossfit Salvo, located at 975 Platte River Blvd, Unit G, has already developed a following since its Aug. 25 grand opening.
    “We want to break the myth that you have to be in shape to start Crossfit. Crossfit is an exercise program scaleable for all fitness levels,” Owner/Coach Erik Schmaedeke said. “You hear a lot, ‘that I can’t do that, I’m not in good enough shape to start Crossfit’ but our members range from 20 to 60; all sorts of fitness levels.”
    Schmaedeke said Crossfit is made up of constant varied functional movement at a high intensity and includes weight lifting, gymnastics and metabolic conditioning. Members will be performing exercises like squatting, running, jump roping, pull ups and Olympic lifts such as dead lifts and power cleans.
    Owner/coach Tracy Powell said the exercises are then put together into as many different combinations as one can imagine.


    “Every day when people walk in here, the workout of the day is written up on the board and it’s always something different,” she said. “You could be a member for a year and never do the same workout twice.”
    According to Powell, Crossfit is great for self confidence because you get to see people getting stronger. She said the results of some members since opening have been amazing, as some are down as much as 30 pounds in seven to eight weeks. She said members start to do things they never thought they could do which makes them question what else they can achieve. She also said the members offer a supportive environment where they encourage and push others along.
    Schmaedeke said he loves the “community aspect” of Crossfit.
    “You know somebody does Crossfit because that’s all they talk about,” he said. “It also brings you to places you never thought you could be. You take yourself to new levels. It pushes you to new limits that you never thought you could achieve.”
    In addition to providing members with a tough workout, Crossfit encourages a healthy diet, specifically the Paleolithic, or Paleo, Diet which focuses on natural foods like meats, vegetables, fruits, nuts and seeds – nothing out of a box, bag or can.
    Powell said the business also offers an elements class as an introduction to Crossfit or for people who are starting to get back into a fitness routine and need to learn the moves.
    A friends and family workout is also offered every Saturday at 9 a.m. which Powell said is pretty much open to anyone who wants to try it as a free sample of what Crossfit is. She said the biggest group the business have comes out on Saturday mornings.
    Schmaedeke and Powell are both certified level one Crossfit trainers and decided to open a Crossfit gym after Total Body Solutions closed in July. Schmaedeke said they were both interested in Crossfit and started doing Crossfit workouts at the gym before it closed.
    “We saw a demand for it and went forward with it,” he said of their new venture.
    Powell said the name Salvo has a double meaning which is very appropriate for the business. She said Salvo is a military term for a barrage or firing all of your guns at once, which is the philosophy behind Crossfit, and it also means “to hail in good health” or “salvation” in Greek.
    The business also has a philosophy of giving back to the community which is something Powell said they want to emphasize. They will be offering members a CPR class in December so they can get CPR/AED certified and will also be participating in a food drive for the food bank and toys for tots as well.
    For more information about Crossfit Salvo including pricing and class schedules visit the website at www.crossfitsalvo.com or call 303-659-0991.