After year at new location, Eagle View has grown by 'leaps and bounds'

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By Crystal Nelson

BRIGHTON — Eagle View Adult Center is blossoming.

One year after opening Director Sue Corbett told seniors, city staff and community members at the center’s Jan. 17 anniversary celebration that staff is seeing an increased interest in the center’s programs and services.
    “We have grown by leaps and bounds,” she said. “Not everybody is new that has joined us, some of you have just become more active with the more programs that we have.”

    According to Corbett, there have been 3,918 more seniors participate in the adult center’s recreation programs such as classes, trips, special events and card games over the past year than in 2011. She said there were also 374 more seniors who participated in the center’s service programs such as the health clinic, lunch program, ionic foot cleanse and massages than the previous year. 
     At least 547 names were added to the senior center’s mailing list in 2012, 29 new volunteers started working at the center and 40 more people have filled out volunteer applications and are waiting for volunteer jobs to be created or them.
    Corbett said over the next year, staff will review its programs for seniors and will also be looking at their internal processes such as registration and other things.
    Among those new to the adult center this year are Phyllis and Robert Wheatley of Lochbuie, Ron and Sharon Lightfoot of Lochbuie and unincorporated Adams County resident Paul Hailpern.
    Phyllis Wheatley said she started going to the adult center last year with her husband Ron to be able to socialize and participate in activities such as bingo and group trips. Wheatley said the senior center “has meant a lot because we can get out and be amongst people.”
    The Lightfoot’s have been coming to the adult center for the last couple months. Ron said they used to go to the senior center in Northglenn but that the atmosphere at Eagle View Adult Center is better and the people are more enjoyable.
    Paul Hailpern, who lives in unincorporated Adams County, said he’s a member of the Recreation Center and picked up a brochure there this year. He went to EVAC for a visit and decided to join. Since joining, he has been going there for lunch, playing bingo, coffee, pool and has even taken two computer classes.
    “I think it’s great. (It) gives me something to do,” he said.
    Mary Jackson found the senior center before she moved to Brighton from Nebraska five years ago. It was where she first got information about what opportunities there were in the city and now she volunteers as a pianist during mealtimes.
    Jackson said she knew there was a lot of wisdom, research and in-depth planning that went into planning the center to service the seniors in the area.
    “This is a fabulous service. I just commend the city of Brighton to think they sponsor such a wonderful outreach,” she said.
    Mayor Dick McLean told those in attendance he could hardly believe the progress.
    “It’s not the building that makes Brighton’s seniors so wonderful; it’s you that makes this building wonderful… That’s why this building is so vibrant. There’s so many things that go on in this building that are just so outstanding,” he said. “When you come in here just thank the staff, thank yourselves for what you’ve done to make this a great building.”
    McLean said now they’re talking about the second phase — a fitness center — and after that, a swimming pool as part of the third phase.