Brighton Blade Swings to the Left

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Editor - Brighton Blade:

I just opened up the Feb. 27th. issue of the Brighton Blade.  On the Opinion Page I again see a left wing cartoon...elephants on the ledge.  Then, on the next page, Letters to the Editor, I see a letter from Dee Wolfe of Brighton.  Dee is exactly right, saying that the Brighton Blade has too much opinion from the left.  I too have noticed a major swing to the left in the pages of the Brighton Blade.  It seemed to clearly correspond to the change in Blade Editors to Chris Harrop.  Despite the Al Jacobson opinion in the current issues, which I see as a quick editorial slipped in the same issue as if to say to Ms. Wolfe, "See, we are too balanced", the Brighton Blade is now clearly trying to influence public opinion to the left. And the conservative readers like myself and Ms. Wolfe don't like it.  Don't think your left bias changes anyone's opinion.  It might make you feel good to publish these opinions, like you're working for the cause,  it but it only makes conservator readers mad...maybe to the point of dropping their subscriptions.  Bring back to fair and balanced Brighton Blade.

 Brighton, Co.

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Opinion and Commentary

Having lived here for 27 years, it is so refreshing to see the Brighton Blade actually present thoughtful opinions and op-eds. Conservatives can enjoy Mr. Jacobson's writings, and everyone in our household is reading the opinion pages and op-eds that are presented fairly and with various points of view in mind.

Keep up the good work! This paper might yet become a star in our great state.