Brighton Chamber’s buy-local campaign going mobile

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By Crystal Nelson

BRIGHTON — The Brighton Chamber of Commerce will be expanding its local shopping program to include a web platform and mobile application, which is expected to go live on  Aug. 1.  


Chamber Director Holly Hansen said the existing shop local program consists of a little card that shoppers take around to member businesses and get signed. She said it’s supposed to encourage shopping but they’re finding shoppers don’t use the cards so much and so they will be expanding the program to include those who are more tuned in to their mobile devices.

“We have an opportunity to partner with a company called Save Local Now and what Save Local Now does, is they provide a mobile application and web platform on which businesses can post company information, deals of the day, promotions, events, all kinds of stuff,” she said. “It will be customized for Brighton. It will allow folks to have a better, more targeted way to get promotions out to the community and have it be on their phone.”

Hansen explained that residents and visitors will be able to download the application onto their phones where they will be able to access special deals and other information easily. She said the program was developed specifically for local governments, chambers of commerce and economic development organizations to use to help with the local shopping programs and that it’s been really successful across the country.

“Brighton will be the second city in Colorado to launch it, behind Grand Junction, who just launched a couple weeks ago,” she said. “So what we’re hoping is that it will be a way the chamber can provide an effective marketing plan at no cost.”

Local businesses will be able to tap into email marketing campaigns from subscribers who provide their email addresses and will be able to do deal-of-the-day publishing similar to that of groupon but without the associated costs. The program will also help businesses market their events, provide search engine optimization and allow for one-click social media sharing where a deal posted on Save Local Now, can also be coordinated to be posted on Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus.

Hansen thinks the coolest thing about Save Local Now is that companies can get real-time analytics on their deal, which will show how many people viewed it on their android, i-phone or website along with who liked it and who shared it on social media. 

While the application will be available for download on Aug. 1, the chamber will still be working to get businesses to participate in the program. Hansen said it may be a slow transition at first but that members are interested and that the chamber will be working closely with them and will provide some training sessions on how they can use and optimize the tool to their benefit.

Hansen said the chamber has taken responsibility of getting the platform set up and that initially businesses with the chamber will be able to participate. She said the chamber has applied for funding from the Lodging Tax Advisory Council and if approved, the chamber would be able to expand the program to all businesses in the city. Lodging tax funding would also go towards additional marketing efforts to let residents and visitors know about the program.

“We’re really hoping this will be a platform the community will engage I and in turn, be able to access all of the different opportunities for shopping, dining, events, services in Brighton as well as just general company information and just encouraging folks to spend their money here,” she said.