Brighton's 2013 annual report shows jump in calls for service

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By Crystal Nelson

BRIGHTON — City Council received the city’s annual report during its July 1 board meeting and approved it unanimously following City Manager Manuel Esquibel’s presentation.

“This is just a quick little snapshot of what’s gone on in the past year,” he said. “This is the fifth time we’ve done it in this manner, and so it’s been received by our citizens very well.”

The annual report contains a list of the city’s accomplishments in 2013, along with demographic and economic statistics, information about the city’s sales tax revenue and the city’s revenues and expenses. The report also gives information on how the city’s essential services were utilized during the year.

The Brighton Police Department received 622 more calls for service in 2013, bringing the total number of service calls to 34,195. Although there was an increase in calls, the department had 351 fewer arrests — bringing the total number of arrests to 2,365 — and 761 fewer summons issued — bringing the total number of summons issued to 5,225. The courts processed 5,510 citations in 2013, 457 fewer citations than were issued in 2012.

The water department pumped a total of 1.077 billion gallons of water last year, 0.228 billion gallons fewer than the previous year. Throughout 2013, residents in the city used an average 4.44 million gallons of water each day, about 0.9 million gallons less than in 2012. The city was able to treat about 24 million gallons of water more than it used in 2012, bringing the total amount of water treated in 2013 to 755 million.

The Recreation Center and Eagle View Adult Center served more people in 2013. The recreation center had 19,770 more admissions in 2013, bringing the total number of admissions to 174,553, and had 140 more program participants than the 10,380 it served in 2012. Eagle View Adult Center had 1,748 more participants than the 154,783 it served in 2012. The Parks and Recreation department had 399 fewer participants in its service programs, down from 11,070 participants in 2012.

The Publics works department was able to resurface 0.3 miles of street in 2013 and slurry sealed 3.7 miles of road, a 0.7-mile increase in repairs made over the previous year. The cemetery saw 10 more interments, up to 138 from 128 in 2012.

The city collected $19,330,483 in sales tax last year, which was included in its total revenues of 58,821,000. The city’s expenditures were $51,66300. 

Copies of the city’s annual report can be found at city hall or on the city’s website www.brightonco.gov.