Bromley East Destination Imagination team to test skills at state tourney this weekend

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By Crystal Nelson

BRIGHTON — A Destination Imagination team from Bromley East Charter School will be participating in the state tournament at the Auraria Higher Education Center this Saturday.


Sixth-graders Joey Bernatow, Leo DeFord, Avalyn Simard, Adam Weis and Yuto West, along with third-grader Andy Bernatow, received second place the regional North Metro tournament and hope to do just as well at the state competition this year. 

West said Destination imagination is where a group of kids from a school come together to solve problems as they’re thrown at them – whether it’s their main challenge which they can prepare and practice at home or an instant challenge where they are given an instant challenge that they have to work through spontaneously.

Joey Bernatow said for this year’s main challenge, the team had to build a structure weighing under 80 grams that could hold as much weight as possible. The structure had to be made with wood, glue and fishing line. At regional competition, their structure was able to hold 460 pounds, and according to DeFord, they have improved upon a similar structure for state competition. 

Weis said each year, they hope to improve and just try their best.

“We improve on each other not only with how we build things but by working together. We’re helping each other figure out problems that we have,” he said. 

Each of the students said they enjoy Destination Imagination for different reasons. Weis said he likes it because he’s able to hang out with his friends, Andy Bernatow likes it because he gets to travel and Simard enjoys it because they’re able to use their imaginations and bring their creations to life. 

The Bromley East team has been together for four years and has made it to nationals every year. This year they would like to continue to improve and make it to the next stage in the competition.

“We hope to place somewhere that we will be able to get to go to global,” Simard said of the international completion that will be held in Knoxville, Tenn. later this year.