Downtown traffic sees increase after South Main reopening

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By Crystal Nelson

BRIGHTON — Streets and Fleet Director Joe Smith last week provided council with an update on the work that’s being done on both South Main Street and the Bromley Lane and Highway 85 intersection. 

Smith said South Main Street has been open for a little while and that within a couple days, the traffic headed into downtown has increased. He said he has also received good comments about it. 

“There were a lot of concerns to begin with that, by not having it signalized, we’d have some traffic issues,” he said. “But it seems to be the left hand turn out of there has worked fairly well. There’s enough gaps caused by the light at Fulton and one at Bromley at 85, rather, that it seems to make openings and I’ve made it myself a few times, that turn, just to make sure that everything seemed to be working right.”

In regards to the rest of the work going on in the area, Smith said they’re a little bit behind where they were a couple months ago and that the project would probably end up finishing up around mid-September. 

The crew ran into asbestos related issues when demolishing the two buildings and the landfill located at the Northeast corner of the Bromley Lane and U.S. Highway 85. Smith said they found a transite pipe in the landfill and they handled every cubic yard that came out of the landfill as if it were asbestos. 

Smith said the problems changed the issues changed their schedule a little bit and that the city has kept its construction manager on a little bit longer than planned. He said he will be bringing a budget amendment before council in the future for further discussion.