Funding sought to finish Bromley-Hishinuma work

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By The Staff

BRIGHTON — The Brighton Parks and Recreation Department will be submitting a grant to the Colorado State Historic Fund asking for $200,000 to finish the interior of the house on the Bromley-Hishinuma Farm. Parks and Recreation Director Gary Wardle said the total project cost is estimated to be about $381,000 and that the city will allocate $180,000 for the 2015 budget. 



Pending the city receives the grant, Wardle said it would take until the beginning of 2015 to get through the contracting and bidding process. It’s the city’s third time applying for the grant from the Colorado State Historic Fund and he’s hoping “the third time’s a charm.”

HW Houston is currently performing the restoration on the barn, silo, migrant workers cabin and wash house and the project is expected to be completed by the end of the month.