Luis Mella hopes to bring education experience to School District 27J Board of Education

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By Crystal Nelson

BRIGHTON — With about 13 years of experience in the education field, Luis Mella believes he will be able to contribute to the School District 27J Board of Education. Mella is one of four candidates vying for the District 6 seat for the board.

“There’s three important issues for me and that’s school funding, student achievement and teacher effectiveness,” he said. “Those I think are three major elements that are on the forefront of everything that education needs at this time.”

Mella would like to see Amendment 66 pass so that more resources can be brought into the classroom to help with student achievement and for the teachers to be able to use those resources to educate the children. He also believes that three elements have to be present to improve student achievement in any learning environment: content, engagement and classroom management.

Mella currently works as the Director of Technology for the Mapleton School District and believes it’s his background in education that makes him stand out as a candidate.

“I think that we need people that have experience of the field to be representing the community or advocating for the children in the community,” he said.

He believes every organization can benefit from good management and the sharing of ideas from all community members. Mella said he has met with Dr. Chris Fiedler and is impressed with what the district is doing.

Mella came to the United States from Chile and became a naturalized citizen in 1975. When he’s not working or running for the school board, he is spending time with his wife, Sue. He enjoys reading and being active through weightlifting, running and swimming.