Youth commission looks to bolster partnership

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BRIGHTON — Members of the Brighton Youth Commission would like to improve its relationship with members of city council. During council’s Feb. 11 study session, delegates from Brighton Youth Commission proposed meeting with council bi-annually at informal meetings designed to create meaningful dialogue between the two entities.

Youth Commissioner Seth Armentrout said Mayor Pro Tem Kirby Wallin is committed to the youth commission and serves as a bridge between youth commission and council. 

“Because of his commitment, we feel comfortable approaching him with questions about local government and issues within the city,” he said, adding that youth commissioners would like to feel that same level of comfort approaching all members of city council. 

He said that youth commissioners believe that all members of city council have knowledge and insight to share with the youth commissioners. 


In other business:

— City Council heard a presentation from Peter Kageyama, author of “For the Love of Cities.” Kageyama talked about the things that make loveable city, such as being dog friendly, bike friendly and walkable. He also encouraged council to consider the value of the things it does in the city, when having a discussion about what things cost.

Kageyama suggested a few improvements that could be made in the city including having a Welcome to Brighton gateway at the Prairie Center off of Interstate 76, incorporating a wind turbine in the city and using the acronyms NOMA and SOMA for North of Main (Street) and South of Main (Street).

— The City Barbecue is scheduled for July 24.