• Governments love tax increases

        Every time I open the Brighton papers these days, I see a government agency supporting another agencies ballot tax increase.  Have you ever seen a government agency come out against another agencies tax increase?  Government agencies scratch each other’s back. After all, in the next election they will want the other agencies support of their own new tax increase.
         Year after year government agencies always use the same four tactics to justify their increased taxes:

  • Mill levy override a must

        We have no choice. We have to ask our community to support our children by voting yes for 3A, School District 27J’s mill levy override.

  • Hansen for commissioner

        I am writing an open letter to all of my supporters from the past 14-plus years, those years that I spent working and supporting this great community while serving as a council member and mayor.

  • 3A good investment

        We’re in a recession. Money is tight. There are people who have lost jobs. The mood of the electorate is generally not to trust government or any government entity. Then why, I ask myself, am I spending so much time trying to get people in our community to understand the need for a mill levy override (translation: a small property tax increase) for our public school district?

  • Vote yes on 3A

        The Southeast Elementary Parent Advisory Council has offered their full support for the campaign to Vote Yes on 3A.
        The Parent Advisory Council urges Brighton voters to join them in supporting the measure in the Nov. 2 election. Mail-in voting begins Oct. 12. We encourage all 27J parents to visit parents for 27J and vote yes on 3A. Visit http://yeson3a.com.

  • Janich’s facts few and far between

        Mr. (Tom) Janich stated in his article of Sept. 29, 2010, that “the facts are the facts.” Unfortunately, Mr. Janich, stated few, if any actual facts, with the majority of the article based on Mr. Janich’s own personal opinion.
        I however, would like to present a few actual facts on 3A, the mill levy override on the November ballot.

  • Darr ‘ideal choice’ for sheriff

        I have served the wonderful people of Adams County for nearly 21 years as a supervisor or commander in the sheriff’s office. In the last seven-plus years, Doug Darr inspired the people in this agency to work diligently to find new ways to make Adams County a better place in which to live and work. His leadership resulted in the development of methods that obviously work and work well.

  • Bueno family offers thanks

        The family of Josie Bueno would like to thank family and friends for the food, cards, flowers, thoughts and prayers during the loss of our mother, grandmother and great-grandmother.
    Dianne, Annette and Angela

  • Results speak volumes

        We have all experienced difficult times with our economy. Many of us had to re-evaluate our current budgets or must now work more years before considering retiring. The last few years have been painful for many of us. We all know that times have changed. We need individuals in elected positions that have shown their wherewithal and proven abilities. Doug Darr is that person.    

  • A different perspective on sheriff’s race

    (This letter was resubmitted by a resident in support of Mark Nicastle’s run for Adams County Sheriff.)