• LETTER: Dave Rose committed to the best interests of Brighton

        In the Ward 4 runoff election, all of the important issues of economic development, growth, water, traffic congestion and other quality of life issues need to be addressed. Both of the candidates have experience and interest working on the issues.

  • LETTER: Hillman has it wrong on healthcare

        Mark Hillman’s column of Nov. 6 (What Obamacare means for rural Coloradans) was surprising at some of the assertions made, going so far as to imply that the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation is the source of the information offered. That foundation conducts research into healthcare issues and has set a goal of all Americans being covered by 2020. They support the ACA, and I would encourage everyone to visit their website (www.rwjf.org) to learn more.

  • LETTER: Second chances

        I recently read an article referring to a survey stating that the majority of Americans feel we all should get second chances in life. I agree, and we do get a second chance in a runoff election to make your choice on who should represent you and your family on City Council for the next four years in Ward 4. We get that second chance on Dec. 3, 2013, and ballots will be mailed out this Friday, Nov. 15.

  • LETTER: Thanks to those who helped Brighton Shares the Harvest

        Brighton Shares The Harvest would like to extend a sincere thank you to the almost 200 people who attended our fundraising breakfast at Chili’s on October 19. This was our most successful fundraising activity ever, bringing in over $1700, money we will use to pay for some of our administrative expenses for 2014 (insurance, Chamber membership, etc) with some left over to support our programs to put more fresh produce on more tables in Brighton.

  • LETTER: Support David Gill for School District 27J Board of Education

        I had the opportunity to work next to David Gill on city council for four years. David always puts citizens’ interests first in all of his decisions. I believe he will make a positive difference on our school board just as he did on council.
        While working to build concensus in decision making he never slips into groupthink. I have seen him speak out and fight for citizens always with the 
    highest ethics and honesty.  David is a proud and committed parent and he  

  • LETTER: David Gill for 27J school board

        I have known David Gill for almost 10 years now, with eight of those years having served along with Mr. Gill as a councilman for the city of Brighton. Both personally and professionally, I see David as a man of honesty and integrity, someone who can be depended upon to support people and causes that help create communities where each person is respected and honored regardless of their backgrounds, race or age.

  • LETTER: You can help in the fight against cancer

        This is in response to Al Jacobson’s column in the Oct. 2 Blade about the need to raise awareness of all types of cancer. We couldn’t agree more.

  • LETTER: Dave Rose for council

        Dear Voters in Ward 4:
        I would like to highly recommend Dave Rose as our next councilman. I have known Dave for a long, long time and he is always fair and listens to all sides of the issues. I also know he always did a lot of work before council meetings so he was well prepared.
        Dave is always kind and caring, no matter whether he is dealing with adults or children. I believe he is the best choice for Ward 4. VOTE FOR DAVE!
    Jimmie L. Mitchell


  • LETTER: Support Day, Gallegos and Piotraschke this Nov. 5

        In the upcoming election, three Board of Education candidates deserve your vote to regain their seats on the Board: Patrick Day, Teresa Gallegos, and Greg Piotraschke.

  • LETTER: Thanks to those who helped with the Turtle Trek 5k

        Thank you to all of our sponsors, donors, participants and volunteers of the Turtle Trek 5k, to honor the late Richard Lambert. You have made it possible for the Richard Lambert Memorial Foundation to donate $5,000 to Hope House of Colorado. We are looking forward to keeping our event in Brighton and helping to draw people in to support our local businesses.