• LETTER: Joan Kniss for City Council

        Joan Kniss has dedicated her passion, energy, and intelligence to the students and citizens of Brighton for many years.  Now, as she prepares to bring her talents to the City Council, this community must support her.

  • LETTER: Vote for Joan Kniss, Brighton City Council


  • LETTER: One no vote for Prop. AA

       Dear Editor:
        This election, Colorado voters will consider Proposition AA, a 15-percent sales tax plus a 15-percent excise tax on marijuana sales. Colorado has never taxed a particular industry or product at this high of a rate. These taxes would be in addition to the Federal, State, and Local taxes already in place on marijuana. Federal taxes on marijuana businesses and consumers are already higher than any other industry due to the inability of these businesses to take full deductions.

  • LETTER: Kniss deserves Ward 1 council seat

     Residents of Ward 1, I am writing to endorse Joan Kniss as Councilwoman for your Ward. I have known Joan in a professional capacity and as a friend for a number of years. She is an amazing woman who can multi-task like no one I have ever known.

  • LETTER: Joan Kniss for Brighton City Council, Ward 1


  • Billies Restaurant: A letter of thanks

     In appreciation to the employees, family/owners, we thank you for the good food, pleasant hospitality, birthday greetings, thoughtfulness of holiday remembraces, many outstanding courtesies that were far above and beyond the call of duty.

    A special thank you to Gloria, Diana and Dana for your longevity to Billies and your kindness to us.

    Thank you,

    Bill and Jan Schott

  • Thanks to all who helped in our time of mourning

        I cannot begin to express my gratitude for the outpouring of love and support that has been shown to my family over this past week after the loss of my sister, Lesley Moore Franco. Friends, many of whom we hadn’t seen in over 10 years, dropped everything to attend the services for my sister with very little notice. Friends drove hundreds of miles through the night with small children to be here. Family immediately boarded planes, and those that shared stories and comforting words from long distances.

  • More teachers should explore PACE

        As a local educator, I am especially excited for the fall and the hope and promise of a new school year. I love settling back into the classroom, getting to know all my new students, and the fresh opportunity to impact the lives of kids.
          While teaching is my passion, I couldn’t face these daily challenges without the support of my colleagues, administrators and my teachers’ organization — the Professional Association of Colorado Educators (PACE).

  • Brighton needs transit help

        Brighton is finally growing, or moving, or sprawling, or whatever. That should finally  make all the advocates for growth happy, but where does it end? Who is in charge of the horrible traffic problem which can only get worse? The City Council, the city planner, the land developers?

  • In defense of Al Jacobson

        I have been a subscriber to the paper for a long time. I enjoy the columns by Al Jacobson, though I may not agree with all he writes.
        It is great for a newspaper to try and show different sides to issues facing us today.
        I have become somewhat disappointed with some of the recent letters asking to have Al removed because they do not agree with him. This is a major