Adams County election results

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Latest update: 10:30 a.m. Nov. 7

By Sean Kennedy

Beow are the unofficial results for the 2018 Adams County election. All results are unofficial until certified by the Adams County Clerk. Results will be updated throughout the night. If a county result for a matter voted on by the whole state is contradicted by the result of the total state vote, it will be noted as COLORADO IS VOTING with the percentages of the unofficial state vote following. 


U.S. Congressional Representative-District 6

Jason Crow (D): 49.7%

Mike Coffman (R): 47.1%

Other candidates: 2.2%


Colorado Governor

Jared Polis (D): 54.5%

Walker Stapleton: 40.7% 

Other candidates: 4.8% 


Colorado Secretary of State

Wayne Williams (R): 41%

Jena Griswold (D): 55.5%

Other candidates: 3.5% 


Colorado Attorney General 

Phil Weiser (D): 53%

George Brauchler (R): 43% 

William F. Robinson III (L): 4%


Colorado Treasurer

Brian Watson (R): 41.2%

Dave Young (D): 55.2%

Gerald F. Kilpatrick (Const.): 3.6%


Amendment A (Prohibit slavery, no exceptions)

Yes: 63.3%

No: 36.7%


Amendment V (Reduce state assembly age minimum to 21)

Yes: 32.9% 

No: 67.1%


Amendment W (Revise judge retention vote design on ballot)

Yes: 50.6%

No: 49.4%


Amendment X (Redefine industrial hemp) 

Yes: 55.5%

No: 44.5%


Amendment Y (Redistricting commission for federal representative races)

Yes: 66.7%

No: 33.3%


Amendment Z (Redistricting commission for state representative races)

Yes: 66.8%

No: 33.2%


Amendment 73 (Income tax increase on top 8% percent for education funding) 

Yes: 46.5%

No: 53.5%


Amendment 74 (Property devaluation award)

Yes: 52.2%

No: 47.8% 

COLORADO IS VOTING: Yes 43%/ No 57% 


Amendment 75 (Extend campaign fund limits)

Yes: 32.1%

No: 67.9%


Proposition 109 (Bonds for transportation projects)

Yes: 42.7%

No: 57.3%


Proposition 110 (Sales tax for transportation projects)

Yes: 37.3%

No: 62.7%


Proposition 111 (Cap payday loan interest rates)

Yes: 76.9%

No: 23.1%


Proposition 112 (Drilling activity minimum distance requirements)

Yes: 41%

No: 59%


State Representative-District 56 

Dave Rose (D): 40%

Rod Bockenfeld (R): 56.2%

Kevin Gulbranson (L): 3.8%


State Representative-District 30

Dafna Michaelson Jenet (D): 57.9% 

Susan Kochevar (R): 42.1% 


Regional Transportation Director-District K

Troy L. Whitmore: 45% 

Paul D. Solano: 42.6%

Gerald S. Jaramillo: 12.4%


County Commissioner-District 3

Larry Hoy (R): 43.5%

Emma Pinter (D): 57.5%


County Commissioner-District 4

Steve O'Dorisio (D): 56.9%

Joyce Thomas (R): 43.1%


County Clerk and Recorder

Stan Martin (R): 48.4%

Josh Zygielbaum (D): 51.6%


County Treasurer

Briggite R. Grimm (R): 46.9%

Lisa L. Culpepper (D): 53.1% 


County Assessor 

Ken Musso (D): 54.3% 

Patsy Melonakis (R): 45.7% 


County Sheriff

Mike McIntosh (R): 47.6%

Rick Reigenborn (D): 52.4% 


Greater Brighton Fire Protection District 7F (Mill levy increase)

Yes: 48.8% 

No: 51.2%


Anythink Libraries Ballot Issue 6A (Tax increase) 

Yes: 49.4%

No: 50.6%