College athletics seem worthwhile for local athletes

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By Steve Smith

We’ve talked to 18 athletes from Adams and Weld counties the past two weeks, and our subjects  centered on adjustment to college and college athletics and whether their sport felt like a business.


In the last of our series, we talked to them about time-manasgement issues and whether the experience has been worth the time and effort.


“In the beginning, it seemed almost impossible to do everything that I needed to get done,”  said Jessica Baker, Brighton High grad and college basketball player at a junior college in Wyoming. “I was on the go every minute of every day. But around the fourth or fifth week, I was able to settle in and start to feel more comfortable in handling everything from laundry to eating to schoolwork, social activities and everything else.”

Ex-PVHS baseball player Luke Vargas scheduled a specific day during the week “where I won’t be too busy” with school and academics to do laundry and hang out with other friends.

“I have a lot of teammates in classes, so we usually just talk to each other and make sure we have our work done for school that week,” Vargas said. “Our coaches always remind us that school is the first priority and we need to stay on top of that workload first.”

Frederick’s Paris Woods, who wound up at Florida Southwestern State College in Fort Myers, Florida, said it was difficult to balance a busy schedule.

“I was used to having more down time. My senior year was very laid back, so I went from that schedule, to a very busy and hectic college schedule,” Woods said. “I feel like I’ve really learned to time manage my needs better and get into a routine.”

“Balancing everything out in high school is hard on its own. In my experience college is a whole other ball game,” said Brighton grad Dalton Oberfoell, who played collegiately at Loras College in Iowa. “I found that during the season, I really had to focus on prioritizing. If I wasn’t playing soccer, I was doing homework to keep up with my classes. All the other