Councilman throws hat in the re-election ring

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Maslanik in running for second council term

By Crystal Nelson

BRIGHTON — City Councilman Chris Maslanik announced his plans to seek a second term.
    Maslanik said one of the biggest reasons he’s decided to seek a second term is that he would like to see some of the things the council has implemented through.
    “We did a great job of protecting the city while we were in a down economy and in a recession and now it’s time to move on and grow from that and I would really like to see some of the things we’ve implemented,” he said.
    Among the things he would like to see through are the implementation of the residential and industrial design standards which were recently redone, continuing to look at the table of uses to help Brighton become a more business friendly community and continuing to protect the city’s agricultural heritage as well as open space.
    Maslanik said one of his favorite projects on council was the creation of the Ag. Land Preservation Committee. He said there was a corner of the community who thought the city was losing its identity and that council didn’t seem to care about where the city came from and what it was made of.
    “I think by the formation of that committee we showed that we do care and we showed that it is important to us and it is something we will always be taking into consideration when we’re making decisions for growth,” he said
    Maslanik said one of his goals is to make sure city staff is well taken care of as Brighton continues to emerge from the recent economic downturn.
    In the next four years, Maslanik said he would like to focus on continuing to provide new amenities for residents, making Brighton a more business friendly community and implementing a water plan.
    According to Maslanik, council has done a very good job at providing amenities for its residents such as the new senior center and the Brighton Oasis and that he would like to continue to support these kinds of projects in the future.
     “One of my main goals in the next four years is to continue to try to increase our level of service to our residents but also increase the amenities they have to make Brighton more livable,” he said. “It would be nice eight years from now to have Brighton be a place that people don’t have to leave town to get what they need to live everyday.”
    He also would like Brighton to be a more business friendly community, not just for the large corporations, but for the small businesses as well and he would like to implement the cities water plan which allows the city to stay more competitive with the municipalities around Brighton.
    Maslanik said he will be reactivating his Facebook page when he files his petition with the city clerk and that he will be holding a campaign event in the fall.