ERA drops first two girls games of the season

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By Steve Smith

NIWOT — Eagle Ridge Academy’s girls basketball team continues to search for the first win of a very young season.
    Niwot took advantage of a pressing defense and several Warriors’ turnovers to win ERA’s season opener 55-19 Dec. 5 on Niwot’s floor. Carley Younger led the Warriors with five points.
    ERA coach Bob Younger said he saw some good things despite the lopsided score.

    “The girls are working hard underneath. They were boxing out early,” he said. “Late in the second quarter, we got away from it. We got in foul trouble late in the first half, but we cleaned it up in the second half until they got tired. Some of the looks ended up being thrown away. That’s something we wanted to taper down. The fans are seeing turnovers. I’m seeing where they are looking to throw the ball and not just getting it there.”
    Another issue was the speed with which Niwot played the game. It didn’t surprise the coach.
    “We run hard at practice,” Younger said. “But when we sat down last night (Dec. 4), I told the girls as hard as we think we are running in practice, the game is going to be another notch faster. If you look at some of the things where we made mistakes, it’s that notch faster.”
    Younger had to call up three junior-varsity players to expand the number of available players. One Warriors’ starter was out because of an injury.
    “Our bench came in and tried. Everybody tried. No one quit, and that’s something I’m always proud of,” Younger said. “They were hustling to the end. But because of the minutes they were playing, they ran out of hustle. I saw a lot of good things for the first game of the year, going against a 4A squad that’s going to press a lot harder than teams in our league.”
    Rocky Mountain Lutheran handed Eagle Ridge a 57-33 loss in the Warriors’ home opener Friday. Flossie Richmond scored 20 points, and Carley Younger added a half-dozen.
    “We’re going to do some little tweaks,” Bob Younger said. “The boxing out? I can’t complain a lot. From where I was sitting, it didn’t look bad. The biggest thing is find that next notch so we can eliminate a lot of our turnovers. We were seeing the offense, seeing the holes. It was just so fast, they didn’t read the defense.”
    The Warriors host Shining Mountain at 6:30 p.m. Dec. 18.