Greetings from the newest member of our team

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Dear neighbors,

It’s nice to meet you. My name is Liam Adams and I’m the newest addition to the MetroWest Newspapers team. You might have seen a few stories of mine, or have actually seen my face around town. However, I thought it’s best that you’re properly introduced.

First thing I should say is “Wow!” This area has opened up with wildly intriguing stories, whether that’s about government, education or agriculture. The more time I spend here, the more excited I’ve become to report on the happenings. To that, thank you for being such an interesting place.

While I hope to write about everything, that desire is minor compared to my urge to report with integrity. In a time where journalists’ ethics and objectivity are being questioned, I want the community to trust me.

To tell a story as accurately as possible, I’ll scour documents, conduct follow-up interviews and do whatever else is needed. In the same vein, I’ll ensure that the tiniest details are correct, whether that’s an accent mark above someone’s name or looking through a calendar to verify a day of the week.  

So, forgive me if you’re a source for a story and I’m asking you a bunch of nitty, gritty details. I was conditioned into this obsessive-compulsive behavior while I fact checked at 5280 Magazine. The same could be said of my time covering national news at The Chronicle of Higher Education.

All that said, I’m here to listen and learn. Depending on the week, I’ll try my best to be available and ideally, meet in person. I hope you’ll find me pretty personable, and I’m always down to convene at a coffee shop. You can reach me at ladams@metrowestnewspapers or my Twitter & Instagram: @liamsadams. Thanks for welcoming me to your illustrious borders and for inviting me on this adventure with you all.

See you around,