New Adams County Government Center

I had to get vehicle plates a few weeks ago and got a close up look at the new Adams County Government Center. What an ugly group of buildings! They reminded me of a 1950's school building with totally unrelated building additions slapped on each side. Who signed off on these things? And the landscaping is pitiful.

Adams County sold the new Government Center to the citizens partly on the ability to provide better service.  Guess what?  They still had the same three people working the vehicle plate area.  The "customer" seats were almost full.  You still take a number.  I had a number well over 100.  They were working on number 62.  So much for better service.  When the Adams County building was in downtown Brighton I used to take a number, go around town doing errands, then come back for a shorter wait.  I can't do that now.  The buildings too far out of town for a safely timed return.     

When I got to the license plate window I noticed the chair that the employee was sitting in.   It was a Ergohuman High Back Mesh Chair.  List prices is $1152 per chair.   The county got a volume discount and probably paid half of that but it no wonder that the County had well over a million dollar cost overrun on the building furniture alone.  ("(Alice) Nichol steered a $1.6 million furniture contract for the new county administration building to a fellow board member at Adams County Economic Development Corp. — a contract that has already mushroomed to nearly $2.3 million." Denver Post 1/30/2011 ). 

This is not about Nichol.  It's about an ugly, unneeded Adams County Government Center that cost too much, paid for by an increased sale tax out of the pockets of Adams County residents, many who are losing their homes or can hardly afford their rent.  Adams County government takes care of itself.