Tables turn for PVHS football players

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By Steve Smith

Normally, Prairie View football players are on the receiving end of instruction and advice from their coaching staff -- sometimes in colorful language.

Last week, players got a chance to see life from the other side of the whistles -- minus the language -- during the team's annual youth football camp at PVHS. Players were counselors to the youngsters during the three-day session/.

"It's really fun. I love being around these kids teaching them football," said Pablo Sanchez. "I'm so glad to see these young kids wanting to learn so much about football and hit. It's just super fun.

"The most fun is teaching them," Sanchez continued. "They learn super fast. THey show it on the field every single time. It surprised me a lot that they were picking things up that fast."

Sanchez and the other players worked with all age groups. Fourth- through eighth-graders attended.

"They want to be here. They want to play football," he said. "That makes me happy, just wanting to see them play."

Sanchez said he took a few bits and pieces from other coaches to use while working with the youngsters.

"They teach me so much," he said. "I just love the sport. I take the things that don't work and try to make them work. I have more sympathy for my coaches. They teach me a lot. I'm seeing that now.

"It feels good being a coach, teaching these little kids what I have learned, what they are going to witness when they get into high school," Sanchez said. "It's quite a change seeing them learn so fast. It surprises me that the ones who don't know how to play start focusing."