Three rabid skunks found in Adams County this year

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By The Staff

BRIGHTON — Tri-County Health and Adams County Animal Control officials are advising the public to be aware with their pets and outdoor animals after three rabid skunks have been found in Adams County so far this year.

Three confirmed incidents involving a rabid skunk have been noted in Adams County, including in January near 128th and Piccadilly, on April 10 at 137th and Piccadilly, and on April 29 at 150th and Yosemite. Two of the locations are in the vicinity of Barr Lake State Park.

Animal Control Officer Julie Sanders said a farmers dog was bitten by a skunk in one of the incidents. Despite having current rabies vaccinations, the dog is “now in an extended quarantine/observation” and receiving boosters to prevent onset of the virus, according to an email Sanders sent.

Rabies can be fatal to animals and humans if not treated in time; additionally, the treatment shots can be painful and may have long-term side effects for those receiving them. Health and animal control officials urge residents to keep their pets current on their vaccinations and to not allow them to run free.

Residents also are advised to report any suspicious skunks they find, especially those seen about during the day and/or acting sick or aggressive, as those are often signs of infection.