United Power Payment Kiosk

Message sent to United Power:

United Power,

 I see in the latest issue of your newsletter that the Brighton City Center payment kiosk is closed for maintenance.  I was happy to hear that.  I hope it is closed for good and that the old outside box remains open.  I was unhappy to see you move your payment kiosk from the old Brighton City Hall OUTSIDE to the new Brighton City Center INSIDE. 

 The decision to move the payment box inside was clearly a mistake and totally missed the point!  The point is the convenience of the ability to drive up and drop off the United Power payment without having to get out of the car.  It gains me nothing now to have to get out of the car and go into the Brighton City Center building to make a payment.  I used the old outside kiosk every month for years.  I have used the new inside kiosk (which I walked in and looked at once) and never will.  Plus, the old outside box was never down for "maintenance" and is much cheaper to operate for United Power since it requires no electricity and never requires maintenance except maybe a little oil on the hinges and paint once in a while.

I would ask that you leave the old Brighton outside payment location open or move the inside kiosk at the new location to the outside next to the new City utility drop off (which I use all the time).

This city got it right, the box is still outside.  United Power got it wrong.

 David Olson