• Like the olden days

    In 1884, or 135 years ago, 27J Schools was established. To celebrate, South Elementary School invited the South Platte Valley Historical Society to give a history lesson through a reenactment of what school was like in the 1800’s. 

  • Re-introducing 27J Schools board directors

    With a new school year comes a reconvening of the 27J Schools Board of Education to kick off an unquestionably eventful year.

    Serving on the district’s board isn’t a simple task, given the members oversee a student population of nearly 19,000 students throughout 26 schools. Furthermore, new members will be elected in November, causing a shift mid-year.   

  • Protecting 27J Schools

    Standing outside, Sam Ortega was talking with one of Brighton High School’s school resource officers when the intercom came on.

    “We are in a lockdown, this is not a drill. This is a lockdown.”

    Announcements like these are familiar to students around the country and Colorado especially: Columbine High School (1999), Platte Canyon High School (2006), Arapahoe High School (2013), and STEM School Highlands Ranch (2019).

  • Landmark Academy at Reunion’s field picks up a new name

    Landmark Academy at Reunion named its school field for board member Tim Gallagher Aug. 7.

    “I have worked with a number of board members throughout my career of 33 years in education. I would have to say that Tim Gallagher, by far, is one of the most genuine leaders on a board that I have ever met. He cares about students for the right reasons. He is a great listener, communicator and a terrific community partner,” said Peg Kastberg Landmark Academy principal.

  • The Four-Day at 27J

    In March 2018, 27J Schools decided that all of their public, non-charter schools would have four-day school weeks instead of five. While this isn’t uncommon for other Colorado school districts, 27J is the largest to have done so with 28 schools and more than 18,000 students.

  • 'An Emotional Roller Coaster Ride'

    Take a close look at her life, and it would have made perfect sense. She took honors and AP classes, edited photos for the yearbook, played flute in one of the state’s largest high-school marching bands, obtained both a bachelor’s and master’s degree in education, and went on to teach and be an assistant principal.

  • 27J Schools presents Seal of Biliteracy awards to 11 graduates



    MetroWest reports

    27J Schools recognized the first cohort of students to receive the Seal of Biliteracy. This seal is a Colorado diploma endorsement for biliteracy and encourages students to study world languages and gain literacy skills in multiple languages.

    Eleven Prairie View High graduates and one Brighton High graduate received the designation and wore Kelly green cords at their respective graduation ceremonies last week.

  • New street sign for Prairie View High School


    Prairie View High School students take the spirit walk ceremony in honor of naming the new street sign “ThunderHawk Place” May 17. The new sign is north of 124th Avenue and east of Peoria Street. The students changed the name of the sign to take pride in themselves and to their community. They also learned about the various governmental processes before a street name could be changed.


  • Then and now
  • Scholarshippin' off

    Brighton city government’s Employee Charities group announced four recipients for scholarships this year at the May 7 council meeting.  The winners will each receive $500 toward their college expenses. This year’s winners are Carlie Daughtrey, Jicelle Lemus, Amanda Ruybal and Peyton Schwartz.