• Local school districts won't skirt state budget cuts

    DENVER – It wasn’t just a closing of prisons and unpaid furloughs of state workers that made up Gov. Bill Ritter’s budget-cutting suggestions last week.

    He proposed $125 million of cuts for the state’s K-12 schools and another $100 million from colleges and universities.

    Brighton School District 27J Superintendent Rod Blunck said the impact would come in many ways. One is a reduction of funds for special needs students.

  • Sanchez makes history with Air Force Academy appointment

    The big, thick envelope that Alexis Sanchez’s father, Manuel, found late one night after the family returned home from dinner near the end of last year inspired disbelief at first.

    Printed on the front of the blue-and-white envelope, courtesy of the Air Force Academy, were the words “Appointment Offer Enclosed.”

    It couldn’t be, thought Alexis’ mother, Mari, Academy appointments don’t come until March or May.

    Alexis, a Brighton High School senior, grabbed the envelope and disappeared.

  • Morley waits for call from Air Force

    It was a grueling process of applications, essay questions and interviews for Brighton High School senior Zach Morley to receive an official nomination to the United States Air Force Academy.

    But, as tough as the process was, it doesn’t even compare to what he’s doing now.


    Morley is waiting, hoping to hear on whether he will be a new cadet to the prestigious military academy this fall.

  • Jason's Meaningful Jacket

    HENDERSON – Prairie View High School football coach Rocky Schneider hopes that the lessons his players learn on the field carry over to their everyday life. He wants each team member to gain a sense of the importance of quality of character.

    Jason Sample is a 16-year-old student at Prairie View. He is also the football team’s manager. Schneider readily admits just how special Jason is. He is one of the team’s most dedicated supporters.

  • 27J to honor board of directors

    January is national School Board Recognition Month. School District 27J is joining other districts across the state and nation to gratefully acknowledge the invaluable contributions local school board members make to their communities.

    The board of directors of 27J will be honored at their regular meeting Jan. 27 with special presentations. In addition, Gov. Bill Ritter signed a proclamation making January School Board Recognition Month statewide.

  • 27J holds second wellness fair

    The second annual School District 27J all-community wellness fair will be 9 a.m. to noon on Jan. 24 at Prairie View Middle School, 12915 East 120th Ave.

    Activities include games, prizes, demonstrations, booths, and more. eeEveryone in the 27J communities is invited and encouraged to attend.

  • 27J News

    Open enrollment applications due Feb. 13

    Open enrollment is available in Brighton School District 27J through Feb. 13.

    Applications should be submitted to the school of choice, and they are valid for the 2009-2010 school year. Transportation is the responsibility of the students’ parents with the exception of students attending Prairie View Middle School and Prairie View High School because of new boundary rules.

    District changes

    attendance boundary

  • Change in education reporting but not in state progress

    DENVER – Two things seem certain in light of the release of the state’s school accountability reports.

    There will be some changes in the program introduced by former Gov. Bill Owens. And academic progress in the state’s schools has slowed to a crawl.

    The eighth annual governor’s report on school accountability reports came to light last week. It showed that 44 percent of the state’s students attended an “excellent” or “high” school as compared with 43 percent a year ago.

  • Letters to Santa

    Students from Henderson, Turnberry, Pennock and Northeast Elementary share their requests to Santa.

    Dear Santa,

    I love Missis Clavs and Santa becuse they are nice. I wot for Christmas ten dollars.



    Dear Santa,

    I want a dolhss (dollhouse).



    Dear Santa,

    I want a dinosaur.


    Dear Santa,

    I want a motorcycle and a DS and a bike.



  • 27J employee group brightens the holiday

    BRIGHTON — The nearly 100 employees of the School District 27J Educational Services Center have a reputation perhaps best described as “If you need it, they will come through.”

    Organized by Brenda Addy and Teresa Jacobs, the holiday giving started as help for seven families that included 20 children. Approximately $1,200 was donated by employees (ESC, facilities/maintenance and technology) and $300 came from the building pop-machine fund, for starters.