• Stick with what works in sheriff’s office

        We had a tough time deciding whom to endorse in the race for Adams County sheriff.
        There are three good candidates – Jim Fariello, Doug Darr and Mark Nicastle. Each had good ideas for the department if elected. And each has plenty of experience in the profession and continues to be passionate about the law enforcement field and their respective roles in it.
        In the end, we opted to stick with Doug Darr, the incumbent.

  • Standard Blade political endorsements

    House District 30
        Two years ago, voters took a chance on Kevin Priola as their House District 30 representative. Though Priola grew up in the area, he was a general unknown in the political arena. He made no flashy promises in his campaign, only a pledge to support common sense legislation in the Statehouse.

  • The politics of groceries

    Politicians in my grocery store? Perish the thought.
    Colorado Congressman Ed Perlmutter’s famed grocery store town halls have become fodder for his re-election campaign. The commercial spot begins with Perlmutter saying, “Hi, what’s on your mind?”
        I like the opening line because it’s open-ended. I always like to think of how I would answer the question.
        “Well, Ed, funny you should ask. Because I was just about to ask why you’re blocking the toilet paper.”

  • In support of 27J mill levy increase

    Advocating a tax increase in this difficult economic time is a tough task.
        We have no doubt it wasn’t easy for the School District 27J Board of Education to make the decision to ask voters for a mill levy increase. In doing so, they ask many of the same families they serve, struggling with financial uncertainties, to contribute more of their hard-earned money toward the school district.

  • Football watching: A family affair

    My wife doesn’t get football.
        She isn’t alone. Statistics that I just made up show more than 80 percent of women can’t tell the difference between a place kicker and a placemat.
        My wife’s gripe is a common one. What’s intellectually stimulating about 11 grown men pushing each other around a field for three hours? And yet women watch virtually the same thing occur for three months on “The Bachelor.”

  • A Story of September

    September 11, 2001. We all have our stories of where we were when we heard the news that life-changing morning nine years ago.
        Here’s mine.
        I was living in Brooklyn, N.Y., thrilled at just taking my dream job as a music journalist for Guitar World and Revolver magazines based out of midtown Manhattan. I had come to New York City earlier that summer for an internship at an adventure travel magazine and loved the people and vibrancy of the city so much, I decided to make it my home.