• The politics of groceries

    Politicians in my grocery store? Perish the thought.
    Colorado Congressman Ed Perlmutter’s famed grocery store town halls have become fodder for his re-election campaign. The commercial spot begins with Perlmutter saying, “Hi, what’s on your mind?”
        I like the opening line because it’s open-ended. I always like to think of how I would answer the question.
        “Well, Ed, funny you should ask. Because I was just about to ask why you’re blocking the toilet paper.”

  • In support of 27J mill levy increase

    Advocating a tax increase in this difficult economic time is a tough task.
        We have no doubt it wasn’t easy for the School District 27J Board of Education to make the decision to ask voters for a mill levy increase. In doing so, they ask many of the same families they serve, struggling with financial uncertainties, to contribute more of their hard-earned money toward the school district.

  • Football watching: A family affair

    My wife doesn’t get football.
        She isn’t alone. Statistics that I just made up show more than 80 percent of women can’t tell the difference between a place kicker and a placemat.
        My wife’s gripe is a common one. What’s intellectually stimulating about 11 grown men pushing each other around a field for three hours? And yet women watch virtually the same thing occur for three months on “The Bachelor.”

  • A Story of September

    September 11, 2001. We all have our stories of where we were when we heard the news that life-changing morning nine years ago.
        Here’s mine.
        I was living in Brooklyn, N.Y., thrilled at just taking my dream job as a music journalist for Guitar World and Revolver magazines based out of midtown Manhattan. I had come to New York City earlier that summer for an internship at an adventure travel magazine and loved the people and vibrancy of the city so much, I decided to make it my home.