• LETTER: New senior housing project creates concerns

     Dear editor, 

    Over the past several months I have been watching for any updates regarding the Brighton Housing Authority and the project that should begin soon at the old Senior Center on Sixth Avenue and Bush Street in Brighton. 

  • LETTER: Amendment to farm bill threatens animal welfare

    Dear editor

    Right now, Congress is considering a dangerous federal bill that could  completely take away the rights of states to pass laws to protect animals and citizens. This bill violates the 10th Amendment.

  • LETTER: Former 27J student stands with teachers


    I am the product of the public school system and Brighton School District 27J. 

    I was well-prepared for college, and I succeeded there. I’m sure I wasn’t an easy kid to teach, but I count several amazing teachers as friends and mentors today. 

    I have a child, a wonderful, talented, challenged, sweet boy, attending a local school. 

  • LETTER: Transforming Adams County transportation

    Dear editor,

    From my vantage point at the center of Commerce City, where I grew up, the changes I’ve experienced in the northeastern edge of the Denver Metro region that are related to transit have been staggering as they’ve unfolded over the years. 

  • LETTER: Grandin's speech leaves memories

    Dear editor, 

    On Saturday, April 7, Temple Grandin spoke to nearly 200 people at the Adams County Good Luck 4H building.  

    Dr. Grandin spoke for about an hour about her experiences with autism, animal behavior and the importance of future generations working in careers such as construction.  

  • LETTER: Behind the picture: helping a neighbor

     Dear editor,

    Thank you to the Brighton Standard Blade for printing the March 1953 picture “Helping A Neighbor,” in your March 14 edition.  

    Behind the picture is a wonderful story that many feel needs to be re-told, here today, some 65 years later. Within this story is a message, of how being a good neighbor made for a good community, and a message that should be shared with the younger generations of today.

  • Letter: Community spirit comes alive

    Dear editor,

    In the March 28 edition, there are two articles that make me glad I am a  subscriber to The Brighton Standard Blade!  


    The first appears on the third page, and features the story of a remarkable young woman, Lali Perez. With more encouragement and acknowledgement of Lali and others with hearts like hers, we would have a lot less bullying and hate-filled behaviors in our schools and in society.

  • LETTER: Childcare legislation would help residents

    Dear editor,

    As a pastor and member of Shepherding the Next Generation, I see firsthand  how parents in our congregation work with their children to become successful and involved members of our community. 

    But parents cannot do it alone.

    Early child-care centers play a critical role in supporting families.  

  • LETTER: Pennock Center thanks sponsors for benefit help

    Dear editor,

    Pennock Center for Counseling wants to thank the generous sponsors who made our recent Healing Hearts Benefit a huge success! 

    On Feb. 9th, the center hosted its 9th annual Healing Heart event to raise needed funds for our no-cost and low-cost mental health services. 

    We thank the Brighton Japanese American Association for their principal sponsorship and United Power for the junior principal or food sponsorship. 

  • Party caucuses planned Tuesday, March 6

    Dear editor,

    The Adams County Democratic Party Caucus is March 6.  

    This year, there are five Democrats going though the caucus process to get on the Democratic primary ballot.  

    Caucus attendees will weigh in on their preferences for governor. They will also select delegates to the county, congressional, and state assemblies.  

    They will then select two people to represent their precinct as members of the Democrat Central Committee, the rule-making body of the county party.