• Re-elect Doug Darr

        I have know and worked with Doug Darr since 1989. I am proud to have served beside him when he was appointed as Undersheriff and again as Sheriff of Adams County. He has earned my respect, trust and admiration. Who is Doug Darr? I can only say to you what I know to be true.

  • Local security service needed

      Thank you for the write-up in the Brighton Standard Blade on the three candidates for sheriff. I am sure the citizens of Adams County welcome the information your paper presented in this three-way choice.
        Your paper stated that I was a U.S. marshal. I had a position with the U.S. Marshal Service as a special deputy U.S. Marshal in the Court Security Officer program. The CSOs are retired police officers and are used by the USMS to provide court security services in the federal court system as special deputy marshals. 

  • Thanks for help during tough time

        We would like to thank the many friends and family who visited or called Gean during his illness. Much thanks to all who brought food, visited, made calls, sent cards and the thoughts and prayers after his passing. A special thanks to everyone in the Brighton Kiwanis Club for providing the delicious luncheon.
        A very special thanks to Pat Tabor and everyone at Tabor-Rice Funeral Home for their gentle, caring support throughout. Gean had many fond memories of everyone at the funeral home.

  • Friends and family offer thanks

        On behalf of the friends and family of Sharon Stephans, we would like to offer a hugethank you to everyone who attend, contributed, and participated in Sharons benefit Saturday at the Brighton VFW. A special thank you to all of the local business and vendors for their genorous donations, and a very special thank you to all of the great help that made this day possible. This benefit and the people that contributed made this day a wonderful event filled with love for a very special person, Sharon. Thank you to everyone. May God bless you.

  • Governments love tax increases

        Every time I open the Brighton papers these days, I see a government agency supporting another agencies ballot tax increase.  Have you ever seen a government agency come out against another agencies tax increase?  Government agencies scratch each other’s back. After all, in the next election they will want the other agencies support of their own new tax increase.
         Year after year government agencies always use the same four tactics to justify their increased taxes:

  • Mill levy override a must

        We have no choice. We have to ask our community to support our children by voting yes for 3A, School District 27J’s mill levy override.

  • Hansen for commissioner

        I am writing an open letter to all of my supporters from the past 14-plus years, those years that I spent working and supporting this great community while serving as a council member and mayor.

  • 3A good investment

        We’re in a recession. Money is tight. There are people who have lost jobs. The mood of the electorate is generally not to trust government or any government entity. Then why, I ask myself, am I spending so much time trying to get people in our community to understand the need for a mill levy override (translation: a small property tax increase) for our public school district?

  • Vote yes on 3A

        The Southeast Elementary Parent Advisory Council has offered their full support for the campaign to Vote Yes on 3A.
        The Parent Advisory Council urges Brighton voters to join them in supporting the measure in the Nov. 2 election. Mail-in voting begins Oct. 12. We encourage all 27J parents to visit parents for 27J and vote yes on 3A. Visit http://yeson3a.com.

  • Janich’s facts few and far between

        Mr. (Tom) Janich stated in his article of Sept. 29, 2010, that “the facts are the facts.” Unfortunately, Mr. Janich, stated few, if any actual facts, with the majority of the article based on Mr. Janich’s own personal opinion.
        I however, would like to present a few actual facts on 3A, the mill levy override on the November ballot.