• LETTER: Thanks for helping make the spaghetti luncheon a success


    The Eagle View Adult Center held its 27th  annual Spaghetti Luncheon on Saturday, March 1.  The funds raised from the event benefit the Brighton senior athletes who participate in the Rocky Mountain Senior Games to be held in June.

    We raised over $2450 served 298 meals.  We are thrilled!!

  • LETTER: Thanks to those who helped in our time of need


    Words can’t express the thankfulness that we felt during this extremely difficult time in our lives. We realized how much our family and friends really mean to us since dad’s cancer treatments and mom’s recent heart attack. Thank you very much for your extremely generous donations to our parents.

  • LETTER: Home, at last


    I would like to thank the wonderful city of Brighton for its protection, kindness and generosity to me. I am no longer homeless.

    Section 8 kindly pulled strings with Officer Hadley and got me home. Finest compliments and commendations to those who were particularly excellent: Santiago’s East and West, El Taco Loco, La Estellita, Brighton Laundry, Starbucks.

  • LETTER: Thanks to those who helped avert tragedy


    On Monday, Feb. 24, our 68-year-old dad, who suffers from dementia, decided that he was going to “hitch a ride home.”

    At 12:45 in the afternoon, he walked out the front door of his home with his dog and a sweatshirt, but no wallet or identifying information.

  • Thanks to those who helped the Healing Hearts Benefit this year

     Dear Editor,

        Pennock Center for Counseling wants to recognize and show our appreciation to the sponsors of our 2014 Healing Hearts Benefit. These businesses and individuals helped the center host a successful event on February 7th. Healing Hearts helps the center raise money to support our low cost mental health services for some of the most vulnerable in our community.

  • Letter: Recall the Adams County Commissioners


    I would like to see a recall of all three Adams County Commissioners. The work they do is putting the future of the county and all of us citizens at risk.

  • LETTER: Still no vote, yet more taxes


    I believe it is fair and reasonable to question the integrity of any elected official who misuses and abuses their power to take money from its citizens without first asking permission.

  • LETTER: Disillusioned, disgusted by stormwater handling


    At the first meeting of the Adams County stormwater task force held May 22, we heard from Commissioner Chaz Tedesco, where he told us that the commissioners wanted to get our input to better fund the stormwater issue and would seriously consider our recommendations.

  • LETTER: Government growth? Greed? Recall?


    I recently attended a meeting at the county in which the commissioners were to decide the future of the infamous non-voter-approved ‘stormwater tax.’ The same tax, imposed in 2013 on all 27,500 unincorporated property owners, that is removing more than $2 million from our pockets and economy and placing it in the hands of government for two reasons:  

    Government growth and greed!

  • LETTER: Veteran benefits, resources remain critical

        As the honorable and memorable Veterans Day fades away and comes to a close, we continue to reflect on the jobs that current and past soldiers have provided. It is extraordinary what is asked of a solider. A solider pinned in a foxhole for hours, if not days, while having shots flying over his head, waiting for relief to come, requires a brave and elite individual. Their service and sacrifice should be rewarded and highly respected.